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Our Valhalla Vodka has won a 2014 Gold Medal: rated 93 points (exceptional)! Our artisan vodkas and gin are hand crafted from the pristine mountain spring waters of the Selkirk Mountains using organic, heirloom grains grown near Canyon, British Columbia.

Pristine, Free-Flowing Water Is a Distiller’s Dream

Kootenay Country Craft Distillery (KCCD) uses one of the purest water sources in the world in its distillation process: free-flowing spring waters created by snow cover on the slopes of British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains. As the snow melt seeps down through the area’s granite strata, it is filtered naturally, as mineral notes are added to its taste.

This is important because an 80 proof vodka
is only 40% alcohol, the rest and the
majority (60%) is actually water. 

This pristine water is combined with locally-grown, organic heirloom wheat, then is distilled under a process which is designed to preserve the character of the wheat within the spirit. The end result is a clean, lightly sweet spirit with some earthy mineral notes — unique small-batch handcrafted spirits that promise a true Kootenay Country taste.